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                                         Attach Files to Any Record


● Easier access to files and less database clutter 
● Centralized access to specified record information in The Raiser's Edge
● Easy to install, easy to use toolbar add-on for The Raiser's Edge

Magic Folder is a free add-on for The Raiser's Edge users that allows for easily centralized constituent documents. The tool is a shared application that may be used by multiple users allowing for easy access to specific files. MagicFolder allows for clutter-free centralized documents to help streamline processes without the clutter.


● Less load on your database 
● Shared folder for multiple users to view 
● Did we mention it was free?

How it works

Now users can easily centralize documents without cluttering The Raiser's Edge database. To get started, simply download AppOmatic and get MagicFolder from the app marketplace. When using MagicFolder for the first time, users will need to specify a shared folder location that is the "root" folder for all folders. Users may use either UNC (like "\\server\Directory") or mapped drive (like "N:\directory\") nomenclature; just make sure it's a shared location that is common to all users of MagicFolder. If users ever need to change the location of the root folder, just ctrl-click on the MagicFolder link to reopen the settings page.

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