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API for ImportOmatic

Customization at your fingertips

● Free scripting engine for Raiser's Edge™
● Unlimited options to customize processed data 
● Easy to use with very little prior programming knowledge

The API (application programming interface) is a free and open scripting engine for ImportOmatic, the advanced and flexible import solution to Raiser’s Edge. The robust API allows organizations to write simple to complex logic to further customize processed data. For Raiser’s Edge 7 users hosted by Blackbaud or Raiser’s Edge NXT users, customization and development of the ImportOmatic API is available through Omatic’s Professional Services team. Please inquire with Omatic’s Sales team to learn more. 

Robust API for Importing

Allowing users to easily write If…Then…Else logic for imported field values, connect to an external webservice to enhance the data as it is imported, or develop custom data processing, the API offers unlimited options for users. Anyone with baseline knowledge of Microsoft VB.Net or C+ can leverage the ImportOmatic API to personalize their importing processes.

Examples & Ideas:

● If…Then…Else logic for imported field values 
● If gift is over $10,000 and Solicit Code is Board Member, then apply constituent code of Board Member 
● Connect to an external web service to enhance the data as it is imported 
● Automatically standardize address as data is being imported 
● Pull data directly from another database
● Eliminate the files and have ImportOmatic pull the data 
● Perform calculations and update summary values during imports 
● Auto-calculate a donor’s total giving and update their “giving society” level 
● Automatically notify staff of important changes 
● Automatically send an email to a solicitor when one of their prospects gives a gift 


● Advanced customizations unique to each organization 
● Easily write simple or complex logic 
● A scripting engine available for all users. Did we mention it’s FREE? 
● Work with our technically skilled staff to leverage the most out of your free API 
● Promotion of list members to full constituents with past actions and gift data
● Completely integrated with Raiser’s Edge 
● Easy identification of top donors and determination of next steps

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