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Directly Connect Your System with Raiser's Edge

ImportOmatic is used by thousands of nonprofits to integrate, extend and transform getting their data into Raiser's Edge. Starting with ImportOmatic 3.0, software developers can now write connector plugins for ImportOmatic to connect it directly to external systems, one-way or bi-directional. Rather than importing from a flat file, a connector enables ImportOmatic to pull from sources such as student information systems, volunteer management solutions, membership systems or much more. Anyone can build a connector - you can get started today! With a growing ecosystem of integrations, we hope this page provides all the resources you need to get started.


The Software Development Kit provides documentation on the connector architecture, a sample Microsoft .Net project, and a test harness application to test connectors without requiring the developer to have ImportOmatic installed. Currently support for data adapter development is through this forum

We have open-sourced the VolunteerHub Connector that can be used as an example.

Want to Extend ImportOmatic further?

ImportOmatic also offers an open API that enables you to customize the data processing to your liking. Want to connect it to an external webservice, develop custom processing logic, write if/then statements - no problem! The API is a robust scripting engine that allows end users, consultants or third parties to customize the solution. Anyone with baseline knowledge of Microsoft VB.Net or C# can leverage the API. Check out our API Page for more information.


Interested in building a connector but just don't have the resources? Not a problem - Omatic is always willing to work with third parties to support them in their development efforts. If you want to discuss having Omatic do the work on your behalf, shoot us a note at info@OmaticSoftware.com.

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